Beauty Wave offers manicures and pedicures at her home salon in Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast. Enjoy the peace and quite of my private salon sipping a cup of tea, coffee, herbal tea, glass of wine or water and a biscuit while getting your hands, feet and nails well treated.


 With a nail shape & buff, cuticle treatment, hand scrub and massage, paint with a large selection of colour to finish. Also now introducing the New “Shellac”! The First Hybrid nail colour. Patent-pending UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels to give you 14 days of flawless, mirror finish shine. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear colour. Shellac applies like polish and removal is just 10 minutes! NO FILING, NO DRILLS! Shellac is UV cured, so there is zero dry time, It is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural- it provides strong natural nail protection! A selection of great colours including french! See what everyone is talking about and come and get “Shellaced”!!

Prices include GST:

  • Standard (push back cuticles, file and paint) | $40
  • Standard with Shellac polish (First Hybird nail colour. “No Chip” 14 days flawless, mirror finish shine with no dry time!)  | $55
  • Remove Shellac | $10
  • *Removal of Shellac when putting on a new set  | $0
  • Deluxe (complete nail care with hand scrub and massage) | $60
  • Deluxe with Shellac (First hybird nail colour. “No Chip” 14 days flawless, mirror finish shine with no dry time) | $65


Enjoy a cuppa sitting back in a massage chair while having your feet pampered. We all need to look after our feet as they get us through a lot. Have them soaked, nails cut, filed, cuticle treatment, bottom of your feet treated, scrubbed and massaged. Finish off with a beautiful colour on your toes so each time you look down it will make you smile.

Prices include GST:

  • Standard (toe nails cut, filed & painted) | $40
  • Standard with Shellac | $55
  • Deluxe (standard plus feet soaked in foot spa, remove hard skin & foot massage) | $65
  • Deluxe with Shellac | $70